Before arriving in Malaysia, the following Applies and the Student can track his application status after submission through– Education Malaysia Global Service


  • Upon receiving the application form with the student passport copy we issue an acceptance letter and send it to the student, so is the student needs a student visa he or she must prepare the student visa requirements.
  • The student must have a Current Passport with more than 12 months validity. And a high school certificate.
  • To apply for a student visa, the student age must be between 18 to 35.
  • A current medical checkup is necessary to be included on the Form that we will send to the student by e-mail.
  • When the student gets the medical result, he or she will send it with the visa requirements to World Degree Academy.
  • Upon receiving the documents We will submit the student’s application to ‘Education Malaysia Global Services’ for approval.
  • When the Approval is obtained by us, we will send it to the student.
  • The student shall then proceed to the nearest Malaysian Embassy and submit the passport with the Approval for his visa which generally takes a few days.
  • The Embassy will provide the visa within the passport for a one-time student entry into Malaysia.
  • The student should inform World Degree Academy within two weeks in advance of traveling if he or she requires accommodation.
  • The student will upon booking his flight and receiving the ticket, send a copy at least one week in advance to World Degree Academy so that we can arrange for travel from the airport to the appropriate place of accommodation.


  • Upon our representative meeting the student prior to Immigration clearance, he will be directed towards a location to meet our personnel to release for immigration clearance arrival.
  • The student will provide his or her passport to our staff and receive official confirmation that the passport has been received for visa time extension.
  • Our staff will transport the student to the place of accommodation.


  • Attend the orientation in his or her first day of study.
  • Have a medical examination within seven days after arriving Malaysia.


  • Passport photograph with white background.
  • Copy of passport (all pages) with a validity over 12 months.
  • Copy of the high school certificate with the English translation.
  • Medical checkup result on the form we send to you via email.
  • Visa and Registration fees to the academy bank account.

Please upload the mentioned documents with the receipt of the bank transaction.

Or send them to the email: